The BG-WC Long Term Recovery Group (BGWCLTRG, aka BG-WC Disaster Recovery) began organizing in response to the December 11, 2021 and January 1, 2022 tornadoes in Bowling Green and Warren County. It is organized with several subcommittees and has a steering committee that meets at least monthly to track, assess and rally grant funding and resources for the community’s recovery and for the individual recovery of families directly impacted by loss of life, injuries, property damage, displacement, job losses, disaster trauma and more.

Like many other VOADs (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster), the LTRG needs the support of its participating partners and volunteers to function effectively after disaster. Since the December 11 tornado was the disaster that necessitated the launch of the LTRG, getting organized following a disaster is very complex. Our community has been allocated SAFR funds and will receive CDBG-DR (Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery) Funds, in addition to other funds that were raised by various non-profit organizations across our county and region to help tornado survivors and our communities to recover. As such, we need volunteers from all sectors of our community to assist us in this effort. Please email or to get connected.

The Steering Committee members are as follows:

Chair: Brent Childers (City of Bowling Green)
Vice-Chair: Melanie Watts (LifeSkills)
Treasurer: Kim Meyer (SKYCTC)
Secretary: Marieca Brown
At-Large Member: Mike Moseley
Project Coordinator: Marieca Brown (City of Bowling Green NCS)


For case management or to be connected with any disaster recovery resource, call 2-1-1 and request to be connected with a disaster recovery case manager.

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